Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Patron Saint Days--Saint Paul the Apostle

Today is the celebration of the conversion of Saint Paul the Apostle.  Curly learned about him last week...I also learned some stuff about him.  When I saw online that good activities for Saint Paul's day involved snakes, I was utterly confused.  When I commented to my brother, Paul, that I needed to do more Bible reading since I didn't know anything about St. Paul and a snake.  Paul, my brother, knew exactly what I was talking about and filled me in.  Paul, the apostle, not the brother, traveled around preaching about Jesus.  He went to an island and was attacked by a poisonous snake.  He grabbed the snake, pulled it off his arm, and threw it to the side, seemingly unconcerned.  This made all the people trust and believe in him (and think he had godly powers?)  So he was able to convert them.  Way to go, Saint Paul, and brother Paul for knowing your name saint.  As a side note, Mom, he must have read all those saint books you got him as a child.
To teach Curly, we acted out Paul's conversion.  She liked to play the part of Paul because she got to ride around on a horse being mean to people until God (myself) came and knocked her to the ground and converted her.  We had to stop after a few rounds because she refused to be converted and kept making mean faces at everything in the living room.  Hmmmm.
We also made a snake and acted out the story of St. Paul and the snake.  To make the snake, we braided 3 pieces of fabric together.  I say "we" because I tried to get her help.  However, she wasn't interested in that at all so I made the snake and she played with it. 

Her mean face..."I'm not scared of you, snake!  I trust God!"

Here are some coloring pages and activities online....

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