Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Prayer Before Meals

Curly loves to pray before meals.  She almost always volunteers to say grace.  Her prayer has progressed over the years, but once she gets into a niche, she sticks with the same format for a few weeks before adjusting her prayer.  Here are a few of the gems...

**She ALWAYS starts with, "Please bow your heads, please."  If you don't bow your head, she will look you directly in the eye and say with more vehemence, "Please, bow your heads, PLEASE."  Ok, Curly.

**"Thank you God for Mom, Dad, and Squish.  Thank you for..." and then she will list off EVERYTHING at the table including spoons and pickles.  (I must admit, I'm thankful for pickles as well.)

**For awhile, she would thank God for all the people at the table.  However, she would usually mention one person 2-3 times and always leave someone else out.  Exclusive prayer.

**Her latest prayer is quick and consistent...and repetitive.  "Thank you God for food and for Mom, and for Dad, and for Squish, and for Curly, and for Mom, and for Curly, and for Mom, and for Dad, and for Squish...."  I appreciate the shout-outs, but it might be time to work on the wording again!

These are some pictures of prayer during Thanksgiving.
Listing things to be thankful for while passing bread around the table.

You're not bowing your head, Curly!

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