Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day

I enjoy decorating for holidays...Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's day, even St. Patrick's day.  As I write this, I'm suprised that I've become this type of person.  The first year Scott and I were married, we hardly even decorated for Christmas, but each year I'm accumulating more and more holiday decorations.  I'd really like to have a bunch of funky, fun, coordinated decorations that fit with the decorations around the house and look very "Martha Stewart."  However, I refuse to spend a lot of money, and more importantly, I can't resist the cutsy decorations like glittery hearts and random Santa statues.  Thankfully we have a lot of storage in our basement for tubs holding a wide variety of decor.  This year, I realized that we have very few Valentine's decorations, so I'll have to make sure to get some shopping done when everything goes on clearance.  Here is what we have...
Glittery hearts and paper boxes with hearts on the front.

Scrapbook paper in festive colors.  I made these this year.  They were originally supposed to be hung on the quilt rack, but I had some difficulty with the ribbon.  I had planned for them to hang on the rack facing out into the room.  I obviously didn't plan well because they hung sideways.  I wasn't willing to spend anymore time on the project so they are sitting on the entertainment stand.  Still festive, just not as cute as I'd planned.

Valentine's that I'm working on.  They will be secret decoders.  You write in light blue, then color over it in red, orange, and pink.  The secret decoder makes it possible to read your adorable message under all that coloring.  This site has a better explanation and pictures.

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