Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lent Is Here!

Here are the two projects we're doing with Curly to celebrate Lent this year (celebrate?  Is that the right verb?  Maybe, "observe"?)

A Lenten Countdown: I spent a week trying to think of inspired ideas for this poster countdown.  Last year, I had little purple butterflies covering all the cupboards and one was removed every day during Lent.  It was cute, but they kept falling off and we'd forget so I had to keep counting down to figure out how many should be left on the wall.  This year, I thought and thought and thought, and went with a very basic poster colored with markers.  It was actually very peaceful to sit and color for a bit.  Curly woke up from her nap when I was halfway through the leaves so she colored a few at the bottom.  (She is getting MUCH better at coloring IN the lines).

Each leaf has a plastic caterpillar that will be removed each day and put in a cocoon.  On Easter, all the caterpillars will become beautiful butterflies that will fly above the table.  A few years ago, I found these adorable sun-catcher butterflies at Hobby Lobby that clip apart so the wings separate from the caterpillar.  It took hours to paint all the sun-catchers, but Scott did that anyway, so I totally love them.  (My sister Becca painted a few, too.  Thanks Bec!)

Crown of Thorns:  Salt dough formed into a crown.  Curly stuck a TON of toothpicks into the dough.  Whenever we do something nice, we'll take a toothpick out until it's Easter and the crown is empty...hopefully.

Check out these sites for more ideas.  


  1. Love the ideas! Just thought you'd be interested in knowing that no butterfly emerges from a cocoon---only moths do! Caterpillars who become butterflies 'peel off' the last layer of skin, and then begin to change from within---which I think is a fabulous metaphor for our spiritual life---dying to the old, and changing our hearts before any real change appears on the 'surface'... :)

  2. Thanks for linking up for Lent at Equipping Catholic Families. I like your Lent countdown calendar and those butterflies!