Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day

Here are some pics from past and present Saint Patrick's Day Celebrations.

That sneaky leprechaun played a few tricks this year.  Is it creepy that there are so many holiday traditions that involve strange things sneaking into your home?  The thought of a little green man wandering around our house messing with stuff is actually a little terrifying.  (Unless it was Yoda, that would be awesome.)
A hand print by Curly's doorknob...the leprechaun snuck in a put a hand print on her cheek.

Footprint on the table leg...I cut the foot out of a sponge.  I might need to make another one in a few years when Curly is old enough to notice that the leprechaun only has right hands and feet.

Footprints leading into the bathroom.  Glitter instead of footprints on the carpet...Scott LOVES that.

Prints on the toilet...the water will be green in the morning.  No, contrary to Scott's first guess, the leprechaun didn't pee in the toilet, he dyed the water green as a joke.  The milk will also be green.

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