Monday, March 21, 2011

So, did we catch the leprechaun?

As you may recall from last week, we set out a few leprechaun traps the night before Saint Patrick's Day.  Curly woke up and remembered to check the trap right away.  She didn't catch a little green man, but was DELIGHTED to see gold coins and chocolate around the trap.  A few chocolate candies completely made up for the disappointment of not catching the leprechaun.  After devouring the chocolates, she noticed the glitter all over the floor.  She thought it was hilarious that he left sparkles all over the house.  She followed the path to the dining room and raced around checking out hand prints...she practically squealed when she saw the footprints in the kitchen.  To top off the morning, she noticed a green hand print (washable marker) on Squish's face, then one on my arm, and finally one on the back of Scott's neck--which was drawn only seconds before she thought to check him for spots.  She noticed her own marks last.  She was supposed to have a hand on her forehead, but most of it ended up on her hand and arm while she slept.  Throughout the day, she kept pointing out green marks everywhere and attributing them to the leprechaun...a green mark on the wall, green in her coloring book, green paper, etc.

With her adorable amazement at the leprechaun's nighttime trick, I started to reminisce about similar moments from my childhood.  Leprechauns didn't visit, but the tooth fairy did.  As a kid, I didn't question my parents when they told me to put my lost teeth in a glass of water by my bed (or on the kitchen counter).  That's what they said the tooth fairy expected so that's what we did.  As a parent, I completely understand why the "tooth fairy" wanted the teeth to be "extra clean."  It was nerve racking sneaking into Curly's room to leave a mark on her face, I can't imagine trying to dig under her pillow for a tiny little tooth.

It is strange to think about all the things that we just believe blindly as a kid.  I never questioned the tooth fairy.  I even remember being amazed when the tooth fairy made the trade when I was visiting my great aunt in another town.  Mom told me to put the tooth in her wallet for safe keeping and I was shocked to find that the tooth was traded for a dollar!  (In a, however did THAT happen!)  The exchange rate was also much higher out of town.  After that, I kind of wished that I would lose more teeth while on vacation.

Since I completely fooled Curly for this holiday, it's time to prepare for Easter...bunny tracks, Easter baskets, and butterflies everywhere!

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