Sunday, April 24, 2011

Catholic Kids Bulletin for 5/1/2011

Catholic Kids Bulletin!

Each SUNDAY, I will post a link to an activity sheet that coordinates with the Catholic Mass for the NEXT weekend. There will be pictures and activities each week to help little kids understand and appreciate the Mass. Most weeks, I'll also highlight a Saint whose feast day falls within that week or a liturgical symbol they can watch for at Mass.

Here's the link (It's a 2 page document)... Catholic Kids Bulletin--5/1/2011 Divine Mercy Sunday
A few bits of information...
**On the Gospel picture, I drew the wounds of Jesus including the wound in his side.  From everything that I could find, the wound was on the left.  It also fits in with picture of Saint Faustina's vision....
**On the 2nd page, there is a color-by-number of Saint Faustina and a vision of Jesus.  The color by number indicates that the kids should color the rays that are emanating from the left side of his chest--one red, one white.  I believe these are to symbolize the water and blood that poured from Jesus' wound on the cross when he was crucified.  
**On the picture of Saint Faustina, it says, "Jesu Ufam Tobie," which translates to, "Jesus, I trust in you."

My background is in education, and the goal of these bulletins is to give young kids an introduction to the basics of our Catholic Faith. I try to explain things on a kid's level, but many of the truths in which we believe are very difficult to explain succinctly and in child language. So instead of filling the pages with words, the goal is to give the kids a solid foundation in the Faith, hoping that the child will continue to build upon that base as he grows. I recommend that you look over the sheet with your children before Mass, to help prepare them for the Sunday celebration. Your child may have questions, and if they ask something you don't know, I recommend referencing the Catechism of the Catholic Church or leave a comment below and I'll do my best to find an answer.

And, of course, all material is, unless otherwise stated, the property of Theresa Burdick. Copyright and other intellectual property laws protect these materials. Reproduction or retransmission of the materials, in whole or in part, in any manner, without the prior written consent of the copyright holder, is a violation of copyright law. If you would like others to be aware of these bulletins, please refer them to the link for this site. Copies can be made solely for personal, noncommercial use. Individuals must preserve any copyright or other notices contained in or associated with them.

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  1. Very substantial handout for preK-K.

    I like the Polish...good for the kids to see other languages at a young age.

  2. I LOVE this idea - would you mind if I printed up extra's for our local Sunday School class as well? While during the liturgical year, we have a nice lesson plan and such, during the summer, we don't - so this would be PERFECT!!

    (oh, and I JUST found you on WFMW)

    Please, send me an e-mail and let me know if this is alright!


  3. Thank you, I am linking my next post to your printables. This is a wonderful way to keep kids occupied in the pews, yet still focus on the reason for being there.

  4. Oh my goodness! I feel like I've hit the jackpot here! :) Thank you so much for doing these and making them available. I am trying to do more with my 4 year old, and haven't found anything *just right* to go along with the Sunday readings - I think he is really going to like this! I'm printing this one out right now; can't wait to show it to him! I'm here from Preschool Corner, and your newest follower. :)

  5. What a cool resource! You did a wonderful job!

  6. Great that you're turning this into weekly thing. :) I'm sure many parents will find it very helpful!

    Thanks for linking in last week's High paw. :)