Saturday, August 20, 2011

Catholic Kids Bulletin

Last week, I didn't have much inspiration about activities to coincide with the bulletin (truthfully-I DID have some inspiration, but a complete lack of follow through-sad).

This week, I had better follow through, so I have one awesome activity to go along with this week's bulletin.

The Saint of the week is Saint Joseph of Arimathea.  He was a secret disciple of Jesus who didn't really come into the picture until after Jesus' death when he offered his tomb for Jesus' burial.  After that, Saint Joseph travelled and preached and is also credited with starting the first church in Glastonbury (England--I think...I worry that this is wrong, but it's late and I'm not going to look it up--so if you know more, please educate us all in the comments).

All of that is either sad or boring (in the eyes of children of course--I am riveted :)).  So, I focused on a fun legend about Saint Joseph.  He was out walking and stuck his walking stick in the ground when he was ready to retire for the night.  The walking stick miraculously grew roots and flowered (I believe this happened at Glastonbury as well--according to legend).  For our activity this week, Curly made a miraculously flowering walking stick. 

CRAFT-IVITY for Saint Joseph of Arimathea

We started by coloring and cutting out "flowers."  We made three random giant flower-type shapes.  I used paper that was only colored on one side to help the miracle be more'll see what I mean in a moment.
I'm trying to instill an artistic confidence in Curly so I let the flowers be messy and independent.  I told her to draw a big flower and cut it out.  The cloudy looking thing in the bottom left corner of the picture is my example--I told her it could look like mine or she could make a flower however she wanted.  She colored in some of the sunflowers, cut around the entire sheet of paper, then tore it in half.  She was delighted with her flower.  She actually was very stressed out about the whole thing and kept trying to give up.  When she finally got the paper cut out and torn in half, she heaved an ENORMOUS sigh of relief.  It doesn't look at all like my flower, but apparently it was exactly how she wanted it.
After the flowers are completed, I duct taped them to a stick that we found outside--tacky but effective.  Then, I wrapped them around the stick (see the picture below).  Then, we were ready for the drama.  Curly is holding onto the wrapped flowers, casually walking through the dining room.

 Then...she puts the walking stick down and TA-DA! the flowers bloom!
This is her "It's a MIRACLE" face!

Aren't the flowers beautiful!

The Gospel this weekend is about taking up your cross so I'm sure there are a million terrific cross activities that could be done as well.  If you have any great ideas, include them in the comments, I'd love some new ideas!

A.1.2011.8.28.22nd Kids Bulletin

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