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Catholic Kids Bulletin

This is going to be a long post.  I have a few pics of crafts, some links, and the usual weekly catholic bulletin. There is also a special Catholic coloring page for the the Feast of the Assumption.  I know, I'm awesome.
Bulletin for August 14th
A.1.2011.8.14.20th Ordinary

Coloring Page for the Feast of the Assumption

Thoughts, Ideas, and Preteaching

August 15th:
Gospel:  A young girl is healed because of her mom's faith--The picture focusing on asking God for help and trusting that He can and will help.  For non-readers this will have to be completed with help, so it seems to be a good time for some discussion and examples of how our wonderful little bundles of joy are God's answer to some of our prayers...
Saint: Saint Pius X encouraged Communion as often as possible (daily Mass) as well as Communion for young children, he also liked Gregorian chant, and wanted people to read the bible and learn as much about the catechism.  I might try to teach Curly a chant this week, as well as read a few stories out of her cute kid's bible.  I also might have her design a Papal ring since she's obsessed with princesses so she'll probably love that idea.

Feast of the Assumption
I had to convince Curly that it would be worth the time to color with the clear crayon.  She did think it was quite magical when the clouds appeared...

 I don't know why she's making that face...I really don't know...

We also made meringue cookies this week-they look so nice and cloud like it seemed appropriate.  Curly loved this one.  I realize that this is an excessive amount of pictures, but I love them too much not to share.


This is Curly's first pan.  As you can see from the next picture, she improved greatly as we went along.

Here are some links to cute Papal and Marian crafts.

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