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Catholic Kids Bulletin 9.11.2011

Catholic Kids Bulletin

This week the Gospel is about forgiveness and the saint is Blessed Mother Teresa.

Forgiveness: Whenever Curly goes to time out, she has to apologize before being allowed back into the regular population (ha ha...time out is like prison....ha ha?  Is that actually funny or should I delete that?).  However, we don't talk about her learning to forgive others and what that really means.  When she's on play dates, we encourage her to brush it off and move on when another child wrongs her in some way (Gasp--he took your toy!  OMG-she doesn't want to play house!).  This week, I'll focus on using the word forgiveness and showing her how moving on is healthier than staying angry.

Mother Teresa:  I have a few links, here and here, to adorable crafts as well as one adorable craft that Curly worked on.  Curly was supposed to be gluing streamers to create Mother Teresa's habit...I don't think she understood the activity, but she was fascinated that the glue dried and wasn't sticky when she touched it.  Hmmmm.  Not the point, but still cute. 

Blessed Mother Teresa Craft-ivity

Since Mother Teresa worked in India, we had chicken curry and naan this week.  YUMMY!  I also made baklava.  If you haven't made this before, I would strongly suggest it.  It's actually pretty easy, and definitely delicious.

Curly helped sprinkle nuts and butter the fila dough.

Making Naan
Flattening the dough for Naan.  This is pretty fool proof so it was a perfect job for Curly...not that she's a fool....  Notice the long skinny piece of dough--Curly made a GUITAR for herself. 

Where is India?
This is also a good opportunity to discuss Geography.  I don't expect Curly to remember where all these place are, but I do want her to start understanding the concept of different continents and places on the other side of the world.

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