Sunday, September 18, 2011

Catholic Kids Bulletin

I drew 7 people today--four for this week, 3 for next week.  It almost made me crazy.  Even better--some of the people have HANDS!  It's a big day, folks.


Craftivities and Background Info

Listen and Learn: This week's listen and learn asks the kids to listen for the "Our Father."  At some churches, the congregation holds hands during this prayer.  This is a nice symbol of community, however, it actually isn't really a necessary part of Mass.  So, whether or not your church holds hands, you can explain to your child that while we pray the Our Father, we are speaking as a community (OUR Father).

Saint Padre Pio:  He had stigmata which I drew on the picture, but didn't include in the explanation.  As much as it's an amazing miracle, it also seems very creepy so I'll leave the explanation (or lack of explanation) up to you.  I probably won't mention it to Squish unless she notices the dots on his hands and asks. 

Saint Padre Pio is pictured with a monstrance so it's another good week for a monstrance.  Ever since doing this activity, Squish asks to make monstrances all the time because she wants to use the glitter glue.  I've tried explaining that she could just ask to use the glue, but she still asks for the monstrance (or monster...).

BTW--last time we did a monstrance craft, I posted a link to this craft idea.  We didn't have the supplies so I came up with something else, but Scott read my blog the next day and went out and bought glitter glue and a pool noodle so we could make this one.  (I know, ahhhhh.) 

Since Scott was helping, we ended up splitting the project into two pieces.  Scott could make one part that was symmetrical and coordinated.  Squish could make her piece that was...well...not.

Squish was very helpful--of course.

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you so much for making these and sharing them with all of us! I am making them a part of our weekly homeschool activities (preschool) - each Friday this is one of the activities set out for my son (works great for this Friday which is actually Padre Pio's feast day). We will be doing a monstrance craft too - such a super idea. I appreciate your hard work so much! :)

  2. Why don't your pictures have hands? I know they are hard to draw.

  3. They are hard to draw! If I look at other cartoons and the hands look terrible, it doesn't bother me at all. But--if the hands that I draw look weird it makes me crazy! I'm working on it, but not making much progress...