Saturday, October 29, 2011

This week's saint is Saint Elizabeth of Hungary.  Her feast day isn't until the middle of the month.

It's amazing to realize that I've been doing this long enough to be able to are some ideas from this post from last year.  I also made a few flower activities lately so here are a few more ideas to incorporate Saint Elizabeth into your month.

Pretty frosting roses

Curly's kabob lunch.  Cut up strawberries surrounding a cheesestick and ham flower with sweet pea leaves.

Bread shaped like flowers.  We made 3 types--roses, daisies, and mums.  We made the roses by flattening small petals and wrapping them around a center flower piece.  The daisies were small balls of dough place around a center piece.  The mums were big round pieces with the top snipped a few times to make small petals.  The roses and daisies were awesome.  The mums looked like pointy bread.  I thought that I had a few better pics of the flowers, but...I didn't.  Bummer.

Topped with basil and sea salt--Curly went a little crazy with this one.

A.1.2011.11.6.32nd Ordinary Catholic Kids Bulletin

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