Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CKB 1/29/12

I made a few changes to the format so it's now a folded little booklet.  The front page has traceable words that are a quote from the Gospel passage.  The top of the page also has the color of the day so kids can be excited to see that they are wearing green, green, green!  The inside is a full page spread on the Gospel, and the back page has a super saint.  I'm thinking of creating cutsey names for each section..."Moments in the Mass," "Super Saints," etc...thoughts?

Here are a few tidbits of info about Saint Thomas Aquinas to share with your kids.

The dove in the picture is speaking into his ear and helping him write. His most famous piece of work is the Summa Theologica...I just wrote Summa on the page because I didn't want to look up how to spell Theologica...laziness perhaps, but the computer was on the other room at the time. It turns out I could have just guessed and gotten it correct, but I would hate to have to erase or start over.  But, I digress...

Saint Thomas is also pictured with a sun over his heart because... it was like that in a lot of other pictures.  I have no idea why it really is pictured that way and my mom hasn't returned my text with the answer (she is the best Saint source...usually much faster than the internet.  I'll post again with a real answer when I have one....do any of you know?

B.1.2012.1.29 4th Ordinary

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