Thursday, February 16, 2012

CKB Ash Wednesday, Matthew 6, Lent Begins!

This is a special bulletin for Ash Wednesday focusing on some differences to the Mass for Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent (ashes on the forehead, no Alleluia).   Ash Wednesday is a great service for kids because it's a such visual way for Lent to begin.  The Gospel passage from Matthew 6 also gives clear guidelines for some goals during Lent.

I also added a word search around the Gospel passage on the front page.  All the words in the passage are in the word search, as well as the word sock (a few times).  Apparently, when I'm typing random letters, I type sock... so it will be a secret hidden word in the word finds....shrug.  I'm very nervous that there will accidentally be something inappropriate in the word search, so if you see anything, please email me so I can change it before everyone sees it!  I read through it about a million times, but I'm very paranoid about it.

Here are a few links to past Lenten activities that I've done with Curly and Squish. 

We also sign up for Holy Heroes Lenten Adventures--it's a terrific, FREE program with videos and activities that Curly LOVES LOVES LOVES to watch each day.  They also have a lot of free downloads and great products to purchase.  Mady has some of their saint stories on CD that she likes to listen to.

B.1.2012.2.22 Ash Wednesday

So, to summarize...Lent, Ash Wednesday, Gospel of Matthew, Inappropriate words, socks, and Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure.

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