Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Easter Traditions

We have about a million Easter traditions and here are a few pictures for inspiration.  As I look through these pictures, I realize that most of the activities are secular (and hilarious), so I'll have to take a few pictures of some religious Easter traditions this year.  I know that I want to make Easter Story Cookies, any other ideas for me?

This is a link to the Easter Bulletin from last year.  It was the very first CKB!  There will be a new one for this year coming up soon--and it will be more awesome than ever before.

Finishing our Lenten Countdown

Each day of Lent, Curly has been putting a caterpillar into a cocoon. She patiently waited for them to be transformed on Easter. She wakes up on Easter to see 46 butterflies dancing by the windows.

 Dying Easter Eggs and the Ugly Egg Contest
Dying Easter eggs starts out normal, until we get to the final eggs.  Then, it's time for the ugly egg contest to begin.

Toward the end of the egg dying fun, we start mixing dyes and getting creative.  We take pride in making the ugliest egg.  Here is an example of a slightly ugly egg.  If you work on it too long, it often ends up a beautiful violet color so the trick is to stop right after your start getting some good brownish hues or you have to start all over again!  This game kept my brothers at the table for a bit longer.  Once they were sick of the pretty colors, it was great for them to have a new way to get creative.

We even have a plaque for the winner!
 Bunny Snacks
Cute Easter bunnies!  They are made out of donuts, coconut (grass), marshmallows (cheeks), Jelly bean (nose), and mini M&Ms for eyes.  I used toothpicks to hold them all together.
 Chubby Bunny 

This is our Chubby Bunny Contest. We all fill our mouths with as many Peeps as possible, then say Chubby Bunny. The person who can get the most Peeps in their mouth wins! It's disgusting and I lose every year. 
We started with an awesome tower of Peeps.

 Bunny Tracks
Bunny Tracks!  I used a balled up washcloth and flour. 

 Bird's Nest
Bird's nest.  Dip yarn in glue and drape it gently over the balloon. 
 Shaving Cream Eggs

Torture your child and make them cut an egg out of sturdy paper (Oh, your child doesn't think that's torture?  Curly gets halfway through and is convinced that she needs someone else to finish it for her...her poor hands are fatigued...)

Cover the paper with shaving cream and swirl paint over the foam.

Use a squeegee to scrape the foam off the egg and revel in the beauty!


This cute little guy is just construction paper, cotton balls, and a googly eye.  It was simple enough to make that Curly had the patience to make one for each Easter basket.
 Table Decoration
I used some of the extra Peeps for a cute decoration.  We grew grass during the whole Easter season--btw, you can grow grass without any dirt.  I just put down a layer of seeds and kept watering them throughout the season.  Curly LOVED to "mow the lawn" as well.
This is just adorable.

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