Monday, July 23, 2012

August 2012 Catholic Kids Bulletin

August 5
Saint Clare
(Feast Day: August 11)

John 6:24-35 A crowd of people follow Jesus by boat.

August 12
Saint Maximilian Kolbe
(Feast Day: August 14)

John 6:41-51 People follow Jesus and question him

August 15
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
 Holy Day of Obligation

Luke 1:39-56 Mary visits Elizabeth


August 19

Saint Pius X 
(Feast Day: August 21)

John 6:51-58 Jesus teaches about the Eucharist

August 26

Saint Rose of Lima
(Feast Day: August 23)

John 6:60-69 The disciples struggle to believe Jesus.

August 2012 Catholic Kids Bulletin


  1. These bulletins are beautiful! Thank you from all the kids and their families. I would like to suggest their inclusion on our parish website with your permission. I as an embed code is included with the monthly file and a code for button placement is also available. Do you have a preference as to which is used? Of course credit would be given to you.

    1. Either method is fine with me--I just love to know that they are being used! Thanks!