Tuesday, October 22, 2013

November & Noviembre Boletin de Ninos Catolicos 2013

It's been a big month--I finally made this blog cute! I took some pictures of my kids working on the bulletins. Their arms are covered with fake tattoos and their fingernails are super dirty, so it's very true to life!

Even bigger news, I learned how to draw a maze. It's a lot easier that I expected.

Even BIGGER news, I had some requests for bulletins in Spanish and I realized that my wonderful friend, Laura, could probably help with this! She was kind enough to translate, so here is the first ever SPANISH version of CKB. Let any Spanish speakers know that it's available! There are also links at the end of this post to Google Docs if that is easier to download. If this works better for anyone, please let me know!


November CKB

Noviembre CKB