Sunday, April 13, 2014

Catholic Kids: Saint Stories

Introducing...Saint Stories!

My wonderful little (correction...younger, not little) brother, Peter, has created a series of short plays about the saints. These are perfect for kids to read and perform with their class for a quick, easy lesson on the saints. The reading level is appropriate for elementary kids, but people of any age will learn something and enjoy the cute format of these stories! I plan to have a group of parents perform one (with no practice) for their kindergarten students in the faith formation class that I teach.

Example of a completed
Saint Story Worksheet for Saint John Bosco.
I also created a Worksheet to use along with the Saint Stories. The worksheet includes spaces to summarize the life of the saint, as well as identify something that we can learn from that particular saint. There are spaces for the patronage, feast day, drawing, and quote from each saint. The bottom of the worksheet includes a timeline of church history so the students can add the saint to the timeline and see where that saint fits into our history.

Here is an excerpt from Saint Stories: John Bosco

John Bosco: They are working for you and going to school. I am their main teacher. I teach by showing them how much I love them and how much God loves them.

Narrator: One day, Fr. John Bosco had Mass, and many more people showed up than he expected.  He did not have enough Communion Hosts for everyone to receive Jesus!  When he noticed that, he started praying.  Everyone was able to receive Jesus that day!

Person: Fr. John Bosco!  That was an amazing miracle!  There were not enough hosts for everyone to receive Jesus, but they were multiplied so that everyone could!  It is just like the time that Jesus fed 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes!

John Bosco:  I guess that was an amazing miracle, but it isn’t near as exciting as the miracle that happens every time that I have Mass.  The hosts may have been multiplied, but each time I say Mass, bread and wine become the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus!  That is much more amazing than anything else that I have ever seen!

 This first saint story is offered for FREE. Watch for another story to be ready soon. Enjoy!