Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Celebrate Mary, Mother of God

We made it through 2014! Hooray!

My son was such a WILLING model for these pictures!

Don't forget that we have a Holy Day of Obligation tomorrow to celebrate Mary, the Mother of God. I created a Rosary Coloring book to help your kiddos focus on praying the Rosary as another way to celebrate Mary. This book has 25 pages covering the prayers and scripture references of the Luminous Mysteries. There are beads for the kiddos to color and blank space for them to draw a picture while praying each separate decade.

Praying a Rosary with kids is HARD. I've been most successful praying a Rosary while my little ones are stuck in their car seats. When they can't run around, it's easier to get them to focus on the prayer. Difficult as it is, it is so rewarding to hear my little 4-year old try to lead a Hail Mary. He feels so proud to know that he's leading us in prayer!

This book will be my next attempt to move the Rosary out of the car, and into the kitchen. We'll see! 

There is also a FREE bulletin available at this link for your kids to use during Mass tomorrow.

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