Monday, December 29, 2014

Support Catholic Kids Bulletin

Support Catholic Kids Bulletin

These bulletins are free for all use, however, if you can afford it, I would LOVE to have some support for the time and effort that I put into creating these bulletins.

Here is a suggested fee for the use of the bulletins.
Personal Use: 10$/year
10-100 copies: 20$/year
101+ copies: 40$/year

Click on "Donate" on the right, and help me out.

However, I am listing this as a 'donation' because I still want the bulletins to be available for those who can't afford paying  for the bulletins. This blog has always been a free service to help kiddos learn at Mass. I still want to stay true to that goal, but my computer is slowly dying, so I'm hoping to start making some money from this blog. You can still download the bulletins GUILT FREE without payment if needed.

On that note--I finally have some Saint Stories ready to purchase! Each of these stories has a reading level around 3rd grade, however, I have used them with high schoolers and they LEARNED without feeling that they were reading 'kiddy' activites. Each story takes about 5-10 minutes to read and includes wonderful stories of our Catholic Saints! My high school students LOVE reading them and it's a great activity to get youth moving and interacting with these amazing role models. I promise--they are wonderful and worth the $0.99. Enjoy!

Speaking of money--I also finally put advertising on the page. I make money based on people clicking on the ads--so if you see anything interesting--click away. Thanks!

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