Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 5: Mass Mysteries for Little Ears

For the Littlest of the Littles

We can spread God’s message--just like Ezekiel, Paul, and Jesus!

Ezekiel 2:2-5

Oh, Ezekiel…all the strange things! This passage starts with Ezekiel getting up…why was he down? If we look back at Chapter 1, we see that Ezekiel had an amazing vision of God’s glory. He was so amazed, that he fell on his face. (Ouch?)
In the passage read today, he gets back up and God sends him out to preach to the Israelite people. If you remember from a month ago, the people have been exiled to Babylon and are worshiping all sorts of gods. Ezekiel is charged with challenging them and bringing them back to the true God.

 Psalm 123:1-4

The word ‘mercy’ is used so often at church, but very rarely in the rest of our lives. So, if you do nothing else, take a second and translate the psalm into child-speak. We are thinking about God and asking for forgiveness…for anything and everything we have done wrong.   

2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Oh, what a beautiful reading for me as a parent! It’s an amazing reminder that our weakness doesn’t mean failure. Our shortcomings are opportunities for God’s grace to work through us. Love it!

However, I’m not sure if my kids will connect to this reading. I don’t think they spend much time reflecting on their weaknesses. I don’t think they are actualized enough for this one. I’ll remind them that Saint Paul wrote this as a letter to the early churches. He spread God's message before there was Facebook and cell phones. He wrote long letters of encouragement. Perhaps this is the week to emulate Saint Paul and write encouraging letters to family and friends.

Mark 6:1-6

Well, to start…the Catholic church teaches that Jesus didn’t have brothers. If we refer to the Catechism, we know that Mary was a virgin when Jesus was born and remained a virgin. I most definitely am NOT going to talk to my kiddos about what that means, however, I will let them know that when the Bible refers to Jesus’ brothers, it’s talking about friends or cousins. I know plenty of high school kids who refer to their friends as ‘bros’ etc, and this is something that our kids can understand. Now…tricky details aside, what is the message? Jesus was shut down in his hometown! People didn’t understand what he was teaching, they didn’t believe. But—did he quit? Did he give up? No—he continued to spread his message and teach about the faith. Eventually, people learned to believe!
Saint of the Week: Blessed Junipero Serra
Blessed Junipero was a Franciscan from Spain who served in missions throughout North America. He was a farmer, rancher, preacher, and was fully dedicated to prayer.

What I Wore Sunday
Here is what I wore this weekend--linking up at Fine Linen and Purple.
Another week of thrifted clothing (and another week of weirdo poses)! Apparently, I buy very few new dresses...either they were handed down to me or I get them at a thrift store.

This jewelry was actually not was made by my grandma. She LOVES rocks and has quite the collection, some of which she made into beautiful jewelry. So I've been 'rocking' this lately...ha ha ha! I'm hilarious.

Here's another one with the cutest accessory, my little dudes! They are NOT ready for church yet...but they are so cute, I don't think anyone would mind if they were barefoot at church...maybe?

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