Wednesday, December 23, 2015

January Catholic Kids Bulletin

These FREE Printables are offered each month to help young Catholics learn at Mass. You are welcome to print and share with others. If you can afford it, click Support CKB and donate to help pay for the time and effort put into these pages. Enjoy!

The Catholic Kids Bulletin worksheets match up to the weekly Mass readings in the Catholic Church. There are coloring pages, activities, Psalm copywork, and a Saint of the Week. These are terrific to be used at Mass, or as a pre-teaching activity to hep prepare your students for the Sunday Mass.

The January Bulletins include...
~Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
~Saint Basil the Great
~Three Wise Men
~Saint John Bosco
~Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton
~Saint Thomas Aquinas

~Saint Francis de Sales

If you're looking of the December Bulletins, you'll find them over here.

Catholic Kids Bulletin. FREE weekly printable activity and coloring pages for Catholic Kids with information on Saints and the Gospel reading.

You can also download these from Teachers Pay Teachers if you're having difficulty with Scribd. You'll have to create an account on TPT, but it's free and there are TONS of great resources on that site.

January 2016 Catholic Kids Bulletin
Enero 2016 Boletín para Niños Católicos

If you're trying to download from Scribd, it seems that they want you to sign up for a paid subscription, but if you simply create a new log-in without signing up for a subscription, that will work.

Don't forget that there is a huge download of Fill-In-The-Blank Thank You Cards over at Teachers Pay Teachers. They are easy for kids to fill out, color, and send!

Catholic Kids Bulletin: Download to help kids write their own Thank You Notes

Choose 2 templates, print front/back on cardstock, cut, fold, and let the kids get to work. Nick (3) can scribble and circle, Jake (5) can trace and circle, and Mady (8) can fill in the blank and draw some adorable kiddo artwork. I can even adjust the difficulty based on their ability and mood for the day. The cards will fit in invitation envelopes.

Out of 19 pages of options, there are 100+ possible card combinations that you can choose from to create a card that will suit your students.

To continue with the Catholic-ness of the blog, I created 6 Saint/Bible quotes 'covers' as well as simple 'Thank You' covers that can be colored by your kids. Hopefully you like them!
Catholic Kids Bulletin Thank You Cards. Help kids write their own thank you notes with printable notes including Saint Quotes and scripture.

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