Saturday, March 19, 2016

April Catholic Kids Bulletin: A Month for Mercy!

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April Catholic Kids Bulletins
We made it through Lent and it's time to celebrate. We are celebrating Easter throughout the entire month. Eggs, and Cookies, and Treats, oh my!

If you need some more Easter ideas, check out this OLD and sloppy post from my early blogging days! Shaving cream eggs are my favorite Easter craft!

Here are the highlights for the month of April:
  • Saint Faustina
  • Divine Mercy Sunday
  • Doubting Thomas
  • Saint Mark the Evangelist
  • Saint George
  • Jesus as the Good Shepherd
  • Saint Gianna Molla
  • The Greatest Commandment
I'm hearing some frustration about SCRIBD's new policy--but never fear, these bulletins are STILL FREE. If you can't download them free from SCRIBD anymore, head over the Teachers Pay Teachers and you can download there. You'll create a free account and have access to the bulletins. You can also follow me from TPT and you'll get an email when I upload a new product or bulletin. The TPT links are also located below the SCRIBD links.

Saint Gianna Molla's feast day is this month. You can head over to Teachers Pay Teachers to check out a Reader's Theater skit about her life and sainthood.

Catholic Kids Bulletin Saint Gianna Molla Reader's Theater

You can download from SCRIBD by clicking above, or follow these links to Teachers Pay Teachers.

April Catholic Kids Bulletins in Spanish and EnglishApril Catholic Kids Bulletins in Spanish and English

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