Saturday, March 25, 2017

Seven Quick Takes

Here are a few new things that we have available around here, along with some random thoughts.

I finally understand the "I have...who has..." game. I always thought that it was ridiculous and pointless, but I actually TRIED it instead of mocking it and realized that it worked really well! I've actually used these as an easy review for high school kids, but it would also be a great activity for the upper grade school crowd.

I finished another Saint Story! BTW...the Saint of the Week in my High school classroom last week was Saint John. Seriously? How did I not realize that Friday was St. Patrick's Day! I guess we'll celebrate a week late.

I made this quick and easy Bulletin Board printable. I like to let my students color whenever we're watching a movie. The kids can color these in during movie time (my Junior High students are enthralled by this John Bosco movie), then they will search through the bulletin board later to find the letter that has their artistry. 

I've been trying to do some more serious reading during Lent...well at least more serious than my usual favorites. I listened to "Grit" by Angela Duckworth and LOVED IT! I'll probably listen to it again just to make sure I get all the possible wisdom out of it. I also just finished The Voyage of the Dawn Treader from the Narnia series. I really enjoyed it--and the Christian symbolism is awesome, and easy to catch. The non-literary reader in me appreciates that. I am a few chapters into this book by Scott Hahn-and it's a much slower read than Narnia, but I'm reading it a few pages at a time during while I supervise students passing between classes and it's been good so far.

I teach Kindergarten Faith Formation and the kids are extra crazy lately--so I made a few new printables for quiet work time at the end of class. I brought them in last week, and they were a huge hit! I think that the kids really just liked using the dry-erase markers. Lamination and markers make everything more fun!

Here's another printable for the kindergarten crowd. I had to do a bit more instruction to get them into this game, but when I played 1/1 with my 4yo, he said that it was 'awesome-possum!" Frankly, it's not as fun as this game, but it's hard to beat my all-time favorite kid's game. (How it it possible that they made tic-tac-toe fun AND challenging for kids and adults! Genius!)

I designed this shirt because I think this proverb is HILARIOUS! My husband doesn't agree--what do you think?

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