Friday, April 7, 2017

Seven Quick Takes #3

For years, I hardly ever read books, but the last year, I've been reading like crazy. I'm 100% more likely to read a book if it's loaded on my phone since it's always with me AND I love to listen to audio books. I feel strangely accomplished when I'm reading more books...I guess it proves that I'm Smrt. (Intentional mispelling. I'm hilarious...and I misspelled 'mispelled' on accident, but left it for the laughs. I really am hilarious.)

ANYHOW...I listened to Famous People in History and I really did learn something...of course the book is made for kids, so perhaps I shouldn't admit that I didn't already know everything. Speaking of kid's books. I also listened to the Boxcar Children's Cupcake Mystery, and **spoiler alert** the criminal has an intentionally annoying voice. Other than that, I love the Boxcar Children audio books for my kiddos. Incidentally, the same narrator reads the Hardy Boys, and it really confuses me. 

I finished a Saint Story about Saint Lawrence. He's the patron saint of humor because of a terrible bit of gallows humor! We need some more saints of humor. My Confirmation students often ask for a patron saint of humor, and he's the only one that I know of. But, his morbid humor isn't exactly what most of them are looking for. I suppose I could suggest Saint Philip Neri. Does anyone know of other funny saints? BTW--this is really pretty with the birthstones!
I used the Lent "I have...who has..." with my Junior High kiddos this week. I gave each of them a set of the cards and had them sort them in order. I thought that most of the kids in that class had their Holy Week facts down, but a few of the kids really struggled to answer each question. More reteaching this week!

I bought some chalk markers this week and updated the chalkboard in my kitchen. I'm terrible at hand-lettering! That might have to be my goal for the next month. I have chalkboards in my classroom, so I keep thinking that I should take more time to decorate them...these markers might be the motivation that I need. 

I bought these and when we opened the package, my 4yo son said, "These are more fun than my trucks!" Of course, that's crazy-talk, but, he was excited to help fold laundry. Can't beat that!

This kid wanted to fold laundry! Inconceivable! 
My Juniors finished their Stations of the Cross project this week. As always, there are a few kids who slacked and did the bare minimum, but most of the students REALLY got the point this year! I am amazed by some of the reflections. One girl who is traditionally quite a slacker did an amazing job finding a connection to each station. She talked about her family, her struggles in life, and even tied a few stations to worldly issues like human trafficking and drug/alcohol abuse. The jaded teacher in me did take some time to make sure it wasn't stolen from the wonderful internet--but my best detective skills came up empty, so she really did do an awesome job! Love it! 
I did this Active Reflection on the Stations of the Cross with my kindergartners this week and I loved it! For each station, the kids would kneel for the "We adore have redeemed the world" section, then when I would describe the station, they would stand in different poses to remind them of Jesus' passion. They stand with arms out when Jesus accepts his Cross, then fall to the ground 3 times. They also kneel and reach out like Jesus' mom and Veronica. My son STILL thought the stations were too long--but he did make it through the stations without complaining or falling apart, so that counts as success to me! 

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