Friday, May 5, 2017

Seven Quick Takes #6

I posted a new Saint Story this week--the Apparitions of Mary! This is a perfect addition to your lessons for the Month of Mary. We're doing May crowning next week, if my Kindergartners were better readers, we'd do this skit before we head in for the prayer service.

I also created another Seek and You Shall Find game...this one has alphabet letters and animal pictures. My 4yo can't really play the Easter version, what with all the reading, so I thought he deserved a cute version of his very own.

Saint Gianna's feast day was last week, and conveniently, I have a Saint Story for that if you want something to throw into these rushed end of the year class periods.

Seriously--the Wonder Series by R.J Palacio...I know I already freaked out about it here and here but I read Shingaling and Pluto and I just can't believe it...the whole series is awesome. Julian is my favorite of the series--I just love how the whole story comes full circle! I geeked out about it too much, so now my daughter doesn't want to finish reading it. But, she admitted that a friend at school is ALSO freaking out about it, so she may get back into it.

It's May! The May bulletins are ready to go--print away!

I have 2 boys--ages 6 and 4. They are either playing and loving each other like crazy, or they are fighting and crying. There is no in-between. At the playground this week, between Jake hitting Nick with a small tree and Nick throwing sand at Jake's face, they played on the swings and had fun for a solid 10 minutes. It was a miracle.

I'm not usually one to freak out about pens. I keep my calendar, notes, to-do list, etc. online. I use Publisher for the bulletins. I draw pictures with these sharpies--only because I can't get used to drawing digitally. But, I got some of these pens to use at school, and I LOVE them. I've always made fun of my dad for having a 'favorite' brand of pen, and now I'm that person. Gosh, growing up is weird.

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