Friday, June 23, 2017

Seven Quick Takes #10

Saint Anthony and Saint Kateri are highlighted in the bulletins this month. Do you have some dramatic kids at your house? They need something to do this summer! Check out the Saint Stories and they can put on an adorable play for you this summer! I know that I tortured my parents with a lot of terrible plays that I made up as a kid (The Blue Queen?) I promise, these are more fun to watch and will be MUCH more educational!

I posted the bulletins yesterday--yay! This summer, my goal is to complete the next YEAR worth of bulletins so I'm not scrambling during the school year. Will I get it done? We'll see...judging by the first month of summer, I'm not feeling so confident. I started a Masters program to get a degree in Educational Administration and it's taking every second of my spare time so far. Grrrr.

Are you overwhelmed with birthday parties this summer? These madlibs are a fun and easy "card" to include with those lego sets and art kits!

In unrelated news--look at this awesome cribbage hand (such a cute board)! It's not the best possible, but it was still pretty awesome. If I remember correctly, it's the only good hand I had that game, so I still didn't win...sad day.

This little man joined a swim team this summer! He was overjoyed because he WASN'T LAST! Jake is one of the youngest racers in his age group, and he's still learning the basic strokes, but he's loving it! (These aren't the goggles that he's wearing, but these are my daughter's FAVORITE's amazing what a difference can be made by a decent pair of googles!)

I just finished reading Witness to Hope, a biography of JPII. It was fascinating. Apparently he was often late to appointments and the author referred to it as "Wojtyla Standard Time." Hilarious!

I LOVE peaceful car rides. Quiet moments where no one is kicking a seat, no one is yelling about feet, and no one is crying about....wheat? Why can't I think of a third rhyme? Lame. secret to a quiet car is AUDIO BOOKS. We've been listening to Goosebumps the last few weeks and the kids love them. There's just enough creepiness that the kids think they're cool, but nothing so creepy that they have nightmares. Perfect. 

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