Friday, June 9, 2017

Seven Quick Takes #9

The daily Mass readings this week are awesome...and hilarious. The first readings all week are from Tobit. I'm not usually good about getting to daily Mass, but I'm glad I made it this week so I could enjoy these readings. This refection from Blessed is She puts a more serious and less hilarious take on the readings. This commentary also looks really interesting.

It's so hard to settle into a routine in the summer that includes the faith teaching that happens during the school year. Raising kids who know and understand our church is so important to me! I need to remember to print the bulletins and infuse faith throughout our daily activities!

My kids like to work on handwriting (because they are WEIRD!). I bet I can get them to work on these this summer and get some saintly wisdom into their cute minds.

I hope and pray that my kids are learning to be kind and peaceful. These mazes are a great way to help them learn about the fruits of the spirit, so maybe they'll understand why I include these words as my prayer intentions whenever they are making me crazy!

Look at this cuteness! Nick was overjoyed to try on a fireman uniform. I bet he would freak out if I would order this for him.

My mom bought this for my boys to use at while visiting Grandmas. They had a blast making an epic dinosaur/rabbit/puppy battle. 

Reading! What have I read lately? My 9yo daughter convinced me to reading this...and she was right, it was awesome. I also started taking some grad classes (working on an Educational Administration degree...yay!). I realized that I was supposed to read this entire book this week, so I downloaded it on Audible and got the whole thing "read" double speed this week. I also took the Strengths Finder and learned that I'm a Learner. Not surprising!

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  1. I am impressed, the tips are easier to follow. The fun part is the teaching method is not boring at all. This kind of religion learning can make children learn happily about religion without feeling intimidated by it.