Saturday, July 29, 2017

Seven Quick Takes #8

1. The August bulletins are posted here if you missed them last week. The kids will learn a bit about Saint Maximilian in the bulletins at the end of the month, but it's a very quick overview of his life. Check out this Saint Story if you want them to know more about this awesome saint!

2. There's a Holy Day of Obligation coming up! Mark your calendars for the Assumption on the 15th. This craft looks adorable--but I start teacher inservice that week, so I'll have to plan ahead if I'm going to manage anything other than getting to Mass that day.

3. Looking back a few years, I posted this in 2011 and apparently I was really pulled together when I only had 2 kids! I did craft projects AND took pictures of them! Now I'm feeling motivated to make some meringue cookies to celebrate the assumption, so I'll have to dig out the Silpat and start whisking.

4. Speaking of school starting...I'm already trying to prepare myself for the noise and chaos of the school day. I am adamant that I will consistently teach my students to talk QUIETLY and peacefully in the class AND in the hallway. Perhaps if I print off enough of these posters, it will make it happen. If only my students would learn that if everyone speaks quietly, everyone can hear.

5. I've been adding tons of affiliate links lately on here--thanks to those of you who have clicked through and made purchases! FYI...if you click through and make ANY purchase after clicking to Amazon, I get a few cents from the amazon giants. You don't have to buy my recommendations, anything will do. So, when you decide replace that old couch in your living room, order through my links and it will help support this work at no cost to you! The other random ads on the page work on a click-through basis. If you click on the link, I get a small commission for your clicks. Thanks for all you do to support CKB!

6. I was adding random links in the previous paragraph, and while I was trying to think up something to search, my sweet, little one-year-old was eating a popcorn kernel off the ya do.... After I took it from her, I searched popcorn, added it to the link above, and now I want to order this. Mmmmmm.

7. The history of Catholic schools is fascinating. I really didn't know anything about the background of Catholic schools in America until I started taking classes this summer. We read this quick little book and it was super interesting. If you're in education, I would also recommend this one. It's about creating a school improvement plan, so it's not going to be interesting to everyone, but I enjoyed it. I also listened this Ender's Game by Orsen Scott Card this week, and it was awesome. I'm trying to find some read-alouds for Junior High kids and it might be perfect. Do you have any recommendations for Junior high read-alouds?

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