Thursday, March 26, 2020

May 2020 Catholic Kids Bulletin: Ascension, Pentecost, Joan of Arc, Saint Philip Neri, and so much Easter to Celebrate!

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The Catholic Kids Bulletin worksheets match up to the weekly Mass readings in the Catholic Church. There are coloring pages that match the weekly Gospel reading. There are activities throughout the month, along with Psalm copy work and a word search. The liturgy of the Mass is outlined along the top of each bulletin so kids can follow along during Mass and learn the order and structure of the Mass. Each week, a Catholic Saint is also highlighted. These are terrific to be used at Mass, or as a pre-teaching activity to help prepare your students for the Sunday Mass.

I know you're all working hard to set kids up to learn during this quarantine. I'm putting this up early so you can get ahead. I also have an Easter Packet that would be great for Distance Learning if you work with Junior High or High School kids.

May Bulletins include...
-Saint Joan of Arc
-Saint Joseph the Worker
-Saint Philip Neri
-Blessed Imelda Lambertini
-Mary, Mother of God

There are two Bulletins for May 24th: Ascension will be moved to Sunday in most parishes, but some churches will celebrate Ascension on the 21st and read the 7th Sunday of Easter readings on the 24th. Choose whichever bulletins work for your area

Ideas for Easter
Easter: I Have Who Has: A fun way to work as a group reviewing Easter information
Easter Seek & Find Game: A perfect NON-CANDY Easter basket gift

May Catholic Kids Bulletin
Mayo Boletín de Niños Católicos

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