About Me

When my oldest daughter, Mady, was three, I would sit at Mass wishing there was some easy way to help her focus on the readings each week. I searched online for some sort of free resource for her to color, draw, and enjoy each Sunday. To my chagrin, I found nothing; so naturally--I decided to create it myself!

The Catholic Mass is an amazing and rich aspect of our faith, but it's difficult for children to engage with it's language, symbolism, and miraculous nature. These bulletins *hopefully* help children find something to learn about each Sunday while they grow up in our amazing faith.

I have four awesome kiddos, Mady, Jake, Nick, and Abby. Mady has grown out of the bulletins, but Nick and Jake love them. Nick scribbles quickly over the pictures, then likes to fold the paper as small as possible--I don't get it. Jake likes to follow the progression of the Mass and work on the puzzles-the mazes are his favorite!

I'm also a Catholic Religion Teacher for Junior High and High School students. I work with a lot of students who are new to the faith, and need the basics, but at a high school level. A lot of the products that I create are made with them in mind. You can find some products listed on the "More Stuff" tab, but it will be faster and easier to head over to my store at TPT for a whole slew of fun activities!

Contact me with questions or ideas or *gasp* if you find errors in the bulletins at catholickidsbulletin (at) outlook.com