Sunday, August 28, 2011

Catholic Kids Bulletin: Craftivities for Saint Gregory the Great: Gregorian Chant and a Mitre

Gregorian chant is named after the one and only Saint Gregory the Great so we did some musical activities this week. 

We talked about high and low sounds and chanted together playing musical follow the leader.  When I stretched up tall and walked on tip-toes, we would sing high notes.  When I duck walked along the floor, we would sing low notes, and everything in between.  Mady LOVED this since it involved goofiness and loud, obnoxious noise.  When she was the leader, she shrieked most of the time--which I know Scott LOVED to hear from the next room.

I also had Mady write a chant.  I drew four lines on a sheet of paper and showed her how the low notes and high notes can be written at different places on the staff (low at the bottom, high at the top...).  She drew some squares and chose lyrics for her song.  As you can see from the picture, we were snacking on popcorn (YUM) so her song went a little like this.  "I like popcorn, I want to eat some candy, it's so good."

Finally, we made a Pope hat (mitre).  I cut out two hat pieces, taped the sides together, and let
Mady decorate.

 She got to use glitter glue, which Scott bought to make a monstrance craft.  (Pictures from that will be coming soon).  Whenever she wants to use the glitter glue, she asks to make a monstrance (which sounds a lot like a monster.) 

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