Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Catholic Kids Bulletins: Saint Clare, Discalced Nuns, and a Monstrance Craft

I've been giving Mady the Catholic Kids Bulletins each weekend, but I feel like I'm dropping the ball with the possible learning opportunities.  She scribbles a bit on the page during church, but isn't learning a whole lot because I'm not doing much teaching outside of church and during church, I'm trying to focus and shushing her the whole time. 

So, I'm going to add a bit to my teaching with Mady and do some activities leading up to the weekend so by Sunday she's ready to understand the bulletin.  I have such big goals when I'm sitting around looking at cute ideas on the bad I actually have to make an effort to complete these things!

Back to the point...this weekend the Gospel is about walking on water and the saint is Saint Clare.  I'm including some pictures of things that I've gotten done with Mady so far along with other things that I think would be cute.

Walking on Water--this seems like a perfect opportunity for a discussion and an afternoon in the pool.  I'm pretty confident that I can make this happen this week since I think the heat index was 115 yesterday.  Ouch.

Saint Clare--Saint Clare started the order of the Poor Clares.  Poor Clares are cloistered nuns which means they live in the monastery all the time and they don't get out much, oh, plus they are poor.  There is much more to the Poor Clares than the previous unhelpful sentence, but I don't want to type a whole bunch of stuff when I'm far from an expert in the area so look it up if you're interested--it's a very fascinating life. 

Some Poor Clares are discalced...any guesses what that could mean?  This word came up during a game of Balderdash and my mom got the right answer.  I'll force you to look it up, but I'll give you a hint--it's leads to a perfect day of discalcement (discalcification?) for Mady.  She will love this one.

Saint Clare is the patron saint of television.  I will either let Mary watch TV all week, or ban her from all TV all week in honor of Saint Clare.  Who am I kidding--Scott already rented a movie for her to watch tonight.  We will honor Saint Clare by rotting our brains this week.

Saint Clare is also portrayed with a monstrance so we're going to do a monstrance craft.  Here is a link to awesome crafts that we're NOT doing since I forgot to have Scott get the supplies.  This is a delicious recipe that we may or may not make this week.  I'll get pictures up if it happens.  Here are some pictures of Mady's art project!

Before you go look it up--does anyone know what discalced means?

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  1. Hi!
    Discalced means that the congreagation goes barefoot, yeap, no shoes whatsoever or they only wear sandals as shoes.
    This was started by Saint Francis of Assisi.

    I bet Mady would love to go discalced around the house all week long! ;)